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Psoriatic nails

Jun 9, 2020


Psoriatic nails

At Dungannon foot clinic we treat many conditions affecting the nails.  One such condition is psoriasis.  Approximately 3% of the population are affected and around 90% of these patients will develop nail symptoms at some point in their life.  The severity of the nail disorder correlates to the severity of the skin disease.  The clinical signs of psoriatic nails are increased growth rate with increased subungal debris.  Pitting of the nail plate and onycholysis can occur and in severe cases nail loss.

Conservative management for the patient involves attendance at the podiatry clinic for routine nail care and reduction of the thickened nail plate.  Topical treatments are available but the evidence base suggests that systemic treatments such as methotrexate and biological drugs have a much better effect.

If you or a family member suffer from psoriatic nails and would like advice and treatment then the specialist Podiatrists/ Chiropodists at Dungannon Foot Clinic are here to help.