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Put your best foot forward this autumn.

Sep 27, 2023

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Put your best foot forward this autumn.

It’s that time of year again when the sandals and flip flops are replaced with more suitable footwear for the change in season. Unfortunately putting our feet back in shoes can result in the return of corns, ingrown toenails and funal infections.

Here are a few tips to help keep your feet happy over the coming weeks.

Choose the right footwear for your feet. Laces or adjustable straps to hold your feet firmly inside are essential, and also a good supportive heel counter and sole. Toes should be able to move freely inside your shoes. The width and depth of the front of the shoes called the toe box should accommodate your forefoot especially if you have hammer toes. Tight shoes can inhibit blood flow to your toes especially in the cold weather when the blood vessels are usually more contracted than normal. This is especially dangerous if you suffer from conditions such as diabetes, PVD and Raynauds.

Ditch the nail polish – prolonged wearing of nail polish can deny your nails of sunlight and air especially if they are going to be inside shoes more. This can exacerbate or precipitate a fungal nail infection. This is a very stubborn infection to treat and prevention is better than cure!

Continue to cream your feet on a regular basis to prevent hacks in the heels. Again prevention is better than the cure.

Change socks daily and always remove wet socks as soon as possible. Ensure footwear is dry before use and always ensure to rotate footwear to allow for the drying process.

Inspect your feet regularly and if you develop corns, verruca, ingrown toenails etc contact your Podiatrist who will be able to provide expert intervention to help.

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