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3D scanning at Dungannon Foot Clinic

Feb 12, 2020


3D scanning at Dungannon Foot Clinic

Dungannon Foot Clinic uses 3 Dimensional scanning technology to ensure accurate custom made orthoses/insoles. Dungannon Foot Clinic was proud to be one of the first clinics in N. Ireland to offer patients this innovative technology.

Not only does this foot scanning technology ensure a perfect 3D image of the feet it ensures that the patient receives a comfortable prescriptive device to address their symptoms and resolve pain and discomfort.

No longer do patients require a lengthy appointment for plaster of paris impressions of their feet. No mess, no fuss and reduced waiting times for custom insoles.

If you are having trouble with foot, ankle, knee or lower back pain book an appointment at Dungannon Foot Clinic to have your gait assessed and discuss if orthoses could help address your symptoms.